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Roots Of Grief

Released as CD 13 September 2013 by Shiver Records
Released as double 180gr vinyl 3 June 2014

All music and lyrics by Marche Funèbre
except ‘Crown of Hope’ ending riff: Marche Funèbre by F. Chopin
lyrics ‘These Fevered Days’ partly by E. Dickinson

Recorded, mixed & mastered at Motormusic studio, Mechelen (B) April-July 2013
Recordings & mix by Sander Van Laere. Produced by Sander & Marche Funèbre
Mastering by Thomas De Pauw (CD), Greg Chandler (vinyl)

Recording line-up:
Arne Vandenhoeck – vocals
Peter Egberghs – lead guitars and vocals
Kurt Blommé – rhythm guitars
Boris Iolis– bass
Dennis Lefebvre – drums

Guitar sound advice by Frédéric Patte-Brasseur (Ataraxie, Funeralium)
Cover artwork ‘Rebirth’ by Brooke Shaden
Layout & additional artwork by Peter Egberghs. Band pics by Serge Thomas.

Some words by befriended musicians
“Roots of Grief is the sound of Marche Funèbre coming into it own, with a crisp yet invitingly warm production to get lost in, showcasing great performances from the whole band especially vocalist Arne Vandenhoeck… an evolution of ideas with a healthy balance of dynamics, catchy hooks and melodies from guitars and vocals alike and above all else great songwriting…”
Terry Vainoras – Subterranean Disposition, Order of Chaos

“Despite some references to the melodic guitar of Greg Mackintosh (Paradise Lost) and the epic alternation of grunts and clean vocals of Alan Nemtheanga (Primordial), Marche Funebre’s music is a decidedly eclectic mix with elements of doom death, death and black metal and even some evil crooning. They present a different, self-willed and individualistic take on doom metal”.
Kostas Panagiotou – Pantheist, Wijlen Wij

“Marche Funèbre have outdone themselves with their newest epic Roots Of Grief. Firmly rooted in doom/death metal but crossing borders in a subtle yet exciting way. Hear hints of black metal or even indie rock in this varied and intense album. These guys definitely found their own style and sound!”
Pim Blankenstein – Officium Triste, The 11th Hour

“The guys really nailed it with this dark jewel! It´s a fact they have evolved. A given purchase for people that are into obscure death/doom metal.”
Jonas Lindström – Isole, Ereb Altor


Met Roots of Grief levert de Belgische formatie een heel behoorlijk album af – 80/100
The instrumental section is usually pure and staunch – I’m getting hooked to riffs and progressions the more they get repeated …
I recommend this to any fan of doom metal – 7.0/10
De muziek zelf blijft ijzersterk, waarbij de hybride tussen d(r)(o)omerige stukken en de meer aanstekelijke deathmetal stukken wonderwel werkt… – 77/100
‘Roots Of Grief’ is a step forward from ‘To Drown’ , holding on to the band identity at the same time as refining it.
Roots Of Grief has turned into a monumental and quite impressive work. – 80/10
Recomendado 100% a quienes gustan del Doom.
De band blinkt uit in het (verrassend?) samensmelten van naargeestigheid en melodie. Chapeau!
Bevestigingstijd voor Belgiës depressiefste doomband. – 83/100

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