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Marche Funèbre _promo_

fltr Peter Egberghs (g/v), Kurt Blommé (g), Arne Vandenhoeck (v), Boris Iolis (b/v), Dennis Lefebvre (d)

Marche Funèbre is an eclectic Doom Metal band from Belgium, drawing its main influences from old school Death/Doom metal, while also incorporating more diverse elements in their music, resulting in a dynamic package filled with energy and emotion.

With 4 full length albums and some smaller releases under their belt, Marche Funèbre has a rich discography, spanning over a decade of doom. Their latest release ‘Einderlicht’ gave us their most acclaimed album so far, with another perfect production by Markus ‘Schwadorf’ Stock (Empyrium, The Vision Bleak, …).

From the beginning (2008), the band has been very active in the live department, with multiple gigs and mini-tours throughout Europe, as well as a 10 date West-coast US tour in March 2018. This led them to share the stage with Samael, Primordial, Novembers Doom, Saturnus, Ahab, Shape of Despair, Bell Witch, Forgotten Tomb, and many more. To this day, they played over 160 concerts across +15 countries, consistently delivering dynamic and powerful shows.

The March is coming… with the sound of DOOM!

Live Highlights

Doom Over Vienna (AT 2011)

Antwerp Metal Fest (BE 2014)

Under The Doom (PT 2015, 2016)

Malta Doom Metal fest (MT 2015)

Darken The Moon (BE 2017)

Ceremony of Sludge (US 2018)

Dutch Doom Days (NL 2018)

Metal Gates (RO 2019)

Alcatraz Festival (BE 2022)

Promo pictures, by Kurt Blommé, edited by Peter Egberghs.
Promo pictures, by Tommy Mees, edited by Kurt Blommé.