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Death Wish Woman

Marche Funèbre is an eclectic Doom Metal band from Belgium. We draw our main influences from old school Death/Doom metal, while also incorporating more diverse elements in our music, resulting in a dynamic package filled with energy and emotion.

After having released 3 full-length albums and several EP’s and split albums, we wrote a conceptual EP of fresh new material to celebrate our 10th anniversary. The ‘Death Wish Woman’ EP is what you can listen to now. 3 brand new tracks and 1 cover that we play since the beginning of the band, ‘As I Die’ by Paradise Lost. This time we incorporated some thrash metal elements in our sound, without losing our own -albeit eclectic- identity.

Lyrics and artwork are based on Lebanese/American writer Kahlil Gibran’s Broken Wings novel, with ultimately death as a happy ending…

From the beginning, the band has been very active in the live department, with multiple gigs and mini-tours throughout Europe, as well as a 10 date West-coast US tour in March 2018. This led us to share the stage with Samael, Primordial, Novembers Doom, Saturnus, Ahab, Shape of Despair, Esoteric, Forgotten Tomb, and many more. To this day, we have played over 120 concerts across +10 countries, consistently delivering dynamic and powerful shows.

We are a hard working and dedicated collective, always striving to reach new heights, perform in new places, and further connect with our audience. It would be great if you can find some time to listen to our latest work, and cover it in your magazine.

Please browse this site to find out more about us, and many thanks for your time!

Artwork by Alex Norman


download link for all songs, artwork, pictures, bio.


Death Wish Woman was recorded in Klangschmiede Studio E in January 2018.
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Markus Stock. Produced by Markus Stock and Marche Funèbre.
Music by Marche Funèbre, except ‘As I Die’ written by Holmes & Macintosh, taken from ‘Shades of God’ by Paradise Lost.
Lyrics are based on the novel ‘Broken Wings’ by Kahlil Gibran. ‘Broken Wings’ and ‘A Departing Guest’ are quoted from that same novel.


out: October 14th 2018, on CD & tape.

CD version will be released by GrimmDistribution and Cimmerian Shade Recordings.

Cassette version will be released by Cimmerian Shade Recordings.

Promo pictures by Kurt Blommé Photography October 2017.