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Arne Vandenhoeck

date of birth: 03/09/1977

role in the band: Vocals – old fart/chief networking

one or two lines of bio? Raised near Antwerp, but living in Mechelen since 2002. I spend most of my time with my lovely daughter, girlfriend, and/or my beloved fellow Marchians!

other active/past bands?
my past bands since 1998: Ecliptica (RIP), Gurthang (RIP), Herfst, Natan
active in some projects as well: Astovidatu (black) and VIRVM DOLORVM (doom death with classical arrangements)

gear used?
Shure SM58, H²O

musical influences: Anything that touches my soul. Varies from Pixies to U2, from Dissection over Emperor to In The Woods…


Boris Iolis

date of birth: 02/02/1988

role in the band: Bass – greedy jew

one or two lines of bio? Born in Moscow, , now living in Brussels. Works in IT. Father of 0 kids, and happily neglects all of them. Laughs very loud.

other active/past bands?
L’Hiver en Deuil (black metal, still active)

gear used?
– bass: VGS Cobra Pro 4 (modified with EMG-X DC35s)
– amps: Hughes & Kettner QT600, SWR WorkingPro 400

musical influences: October Tide, Alcest, Agalloch, Drudkh, Ulver,…


Dennis Lefebvre

date of birth: 03/01/1979

role in the band: Drummer – anti-computer activist

one or two lines of bio? Born In Mechelen. Living in Mechelen with girlfriend and 2 super kidz, supporting KV Mechelen, celebrating life on a dayly basis. Probably will die in Mechelen as well…

other active/past bands?
– Played in a lot of bands (Blues, Punk, Metal,…)
– Self Inflicted (1997-2013)

gear used?
– Pearl drums
– Vic Firth sticks
– Sabian and Zildjan cymbals
– Tama Pedals

musical influences: Going From 70’s stuff over Hard core and Grindcore, but I think I’m most of all an old school death metal man.


Kurt Blommé

date of birth: 27/12/1983

role in the band: Guitars – Chief Financial Officer

one or two lines of bio? Born in the eighties, in De Kempen. Moved to a city as soon as I could and found my homebase (and band) in the Mechelen region. Father of two. Interested in too many things… and I have an epic sense of humour!

other active/past bands?
None worth mentioning.

gear used?
Mainly I use:
– Gibson & Ibanez guitars
– ENGL, Marshall, Blackstar & Orange amps
– ENGL & Mountain cabs
– Celestion & Jensen speakers
– TC Electronic, Blackstar, BOSS, Fulltone & EHX pedals
– Ernie Ball strings
– Dunlop picks

musical influences: Too many to mention. It varies in time and general mood.


Peter Egberghs

date of birth: 13/01/1981

role in the band: Guitars, Vocals and beer disposal

one or two lines of bio? Born when NWOBHM was a thing, hailing from Limburg, studied in Brussels, got stuck in Mechelen where I found the love of my life. Proud father of 2 sons.

other active/past bands?
Dusk (RIP)

gear used?
– Gibson and Hagstrom guitars

– Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Roadking I
– Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier (Rev G)
– Laboga Mr Hector

musical influences: Everything with heartfelt intensity