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Peter leaves

We regret to announce that Peter decided to leave the band.

The remaining 4 of us thank him for 15 years of doomed passion, and countless moments that will be cherished… until eternity ends!

For now we focus on Darken The Moon XV. Peter’s last show will be most memorable. Obviously, we would love to have everyone there to say goodbye in style. Be(er) there!!!

Future live shows are not in jeopardy, as Christophe (Sunless Aeon, ex-Lemuria, …) will be ready to hit the stage with us.

In Peter’s own words:

“It is with a heavy heart but confident tread that I’m announcing my departure from Marche Funèbre. Life is short and the goal is to do things with a passion. It’s this passion that has been running low. Music is something that has to been done to the fullest or not at all. As the founding member of this band I don’t want to drag it down or hold my brothers back from doing what they love. Marche Funèbre deserve better than that.

If you’re looking for a dramatic or sensational story, than look further. After all we’re forty, not fourteen. We part in good friendship, as it has ever been. Fifteen years ago we set out to conquer the world and to add a distinctive flavor to the genre called death doom (death doom or doom death, the opinions are divided on which is correct, but those who imply the latter are quite simply mistaken.) I look back with great pride at our track record. Marche Funèbre is one of the hardest working bands doing much more than just playing doommetal, but also creating or at least revitalizing a scene. We’ve spit out albums, playing crusty sticky venues in- and outside of Europe. We started out with little knowledge about writing music, recording etc. I think we can agree that Marche Funèbre has come a long way and I’m sure this growth will continue with a breath of fresh air once a new member is added to the band.

I would like to thank my brothers in Marche Funèbre for the wild ride that it has been. As a family we’ve travelled, shared cars ,rooms, beds, couches, floors, you name it, back- and frontstages, finished every gig, even with failing equipment, played every goddamn note live, sharing highs and lows, achievements and failures. Those bounds will not be broken, those experiences will not be forgotten.

Furthermore, I would like to thank everyone that I have shared the stage with. The death doom scene is one of most fun scene to be in (act your genre, dammit!). And of course everyone who has followed and supported Marche Funèbre. My eternal gratitude is yours.

Darken The Moon will be my final live contribution to the band. So you know where you have to be on the 30th of September. But my involvement in Marche Funèbre does not end this month. As you might know, Marche Funèbre is in the middle of recording a new album. I’ll keeping recording my parts and co-creating this beautiful monster.

What the future holds one can only dream and set goals. Music will be in my future, as it has been in my past, my vocal duties in Witch Piss being the active translation of this. But I won’t be putting down my guitars either as that is just simply a part of what makes me tick.

Signing off,

Gratefully yours,