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Darken The Moon festival returns home

We are really happy to announce that our Darken The Moon festival is coming home, to Mechelen. We booked the renowned Cultuurcentrum Mechelen (church) for our 14th edition. Two years ago, we organised our album presentation at that very same venue, with only local bands as support. It was a great success. A thriving local scene helped us a lot back then, as Pothamus, Capitan & Drawn Into Descent gave their best, and are still doing so now.

For Darken the Moon we must go back to 2017 (our 8th edition) when we last organised it in Mechelen. As a band fully rooted in Mechelen, we are extremely happy to find a suitable venue for our festival, as we traveled quite a lot during the years, as we outgrown the smaller venues we used in our hometown (Metteko for our first 2 edition, and De Club four our 8th).
It is part of our mission to facilitate local, upcoming bands with our festival activities, just like we did with 5 Funeral Noon festivals in de Club (Douaneplein) where we had local newcomers opening almost every edition. Obviously the festivals have put us, Marche Funèbre, on the map too. Glad to come home!