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First new song released

A first glimpse of new material recorded earlier this year is what you will get when listening to ‘Face Your Underground 20’ – an annual CD sampler with Belgian metal undergournd.
This compilation is out since a few days, and will be available through all participating bands and some bars, venues, and festival specialised in metal.

1. Lemuria – A Plague Upon The Land (single)
2. Marche Funèbre – Gone
3. Moker Deathmetal – Sentenced To Death For Manslaughter
4. Hope Erodes – Kriegswaisen (Re-Release 2020)
5. Sons Of A Wanted Man – Under A Lightless Sky
6. Āter – Melodic Black Metal – d’Oere
7. LECTAMYNOL – My Bitter Cup
8. Left Eye Perspective – Conjura
9. Primal Creation – Vial Play
10. Traveler – Wake Up
11. Tensor – Reflections
12. Slaughter The Giant – Raging Demons
13. Brutal Exposure – Human Factory
14. Abacination – Fathoms Below
15. Behind Bars – Losing Ground
16. Cult Of Scarecrow – Last Words From Black Birds
Outro: The Ricky Mouse Misconception by Ballicum Nervosa

Cheerz to Filip Rottoc for all his efforts.