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100 gigs, and counting!

We had a blast last weekend. First we had a great time in Little Devil bar (Tilburg, NL) again, with our friends of Façade & My Silent Wake. And a big screen with the most hilarious penalty series in modern history (Euros).
And on sunday, we did an extra special gig…
A HUGE thanks to everyone that showed up for our 100th gig!
We had an incredible time on (and off) stage, and we can’t thank our volunteers enough for their undying support. Hailz to that!
Gratitude towards Beyond Our Ruins, Façade & My Silent Wake for sharing these memories with us!

Here’s our special setlist…
01. Intro – The March (Norizon)
02. Benighted (Norizon)
03. Valley Of Tears (To Drown)
04. Lethe (To Drown)
05. Brave (Katatonia, Brave Murder Day album)
06. L’avenue des coeurs passés (Roots Of Grief)
07. As In Autumn + ending of Crown of Hope (Roots Of Grief)

08. Roots Of Grief (Roots Of Grief)

09. Capital Of Rain (unreleased)

…and now we march on to the next 100 gigs!