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March of Solitude – US 2018

We can’t be more excited to share this with you: Our friends Eye Of Solitude and us will be touring the North American West Coast in March 2018, tentatively titled ‘March of Solitude – US 2018’. It’s been long in the making, but with the extremely appreciated support of Nanotear we were able to secure […]

Big fkn update

Heya folks, Time for a big update on all things Marche Funèbre. Last post on this place was with the release of ‘Into the Arms of Darkness’, around the end of February 2017. Almost 8 months later we are about to launch our next release, but let’s go back first. Quite some very well attended […]

First Track/Video unleashed!

It is with great pride that we can present to you the first track and video of our soon to be released new album ‘Into the Arms of Darkness’. A big hail to all those who contributed in the making of this 15-minutes long cinematographic story, we owe you. Please enjoy ‘Lullaby of Insanity’… and […]

First teaser “Into the Arms of Darkness” online

February 20th 2017 will see the release of the long awaited third album ‘Into the Arms of Darkness’ by Belgian eclectic doom metal quintet Marche Funèbre. After the release of their sophomore album ‘Roots of Grief’ in 2013 the band toured extensively, with ao Saturnus, Ophis, Officium Triste & Eye of Solitude, bringing the band […]

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