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100 gigs, and counting!

We had a blast last weekend. First we had a great time in Little Devil bar (Tilburg, NL) again, with our friends of Façade & My Silent Wake. And a big screen with the most hilarious penalty series in modern history (Euros). And on sunday, we did an extra special gig… A HUGE thanks to […]

Under the Doom fest confirmed!

Damn right, we will be playing Lisbon again, on Saturday December 10th, together with legendary acts Samael and Shape of Despair. It’s the third day of the fourth edition of Under The Doom fest. We already played UTD in 2015 and it was incredibly cool, so this time it will an event you don’t want […]

Recordings finished, next: mixing!

This is where we recorded our third opus! Klangschmiede Studio E, with producer, and super cool human being Markus! Recording of both guitars and vocals went swift and smooth, like drum and bass previously. We are looking very much forward to the end result, which we will receive in a few months.

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