100 gigs, and counting!

We had a blast last weekend. First we had a great time in Little Devil bar (Tilburg, NL) again, with our friends of Façade & My Silent Wake. And a big screen with the most hilarious penalty series in modern history (Euros). And on sunday, we did an extra special gig… A HUGE thanks to […]

Under the Doom fest confirmed!

Damn right, we will be playing Lisbon again, on Saturday December 10th, together with legendary acts Samael and Shape of Despair. It’s the third day of the fourth edition of Under The Doom fest. We already played UTD in 2015 and it was incredibly cool, so this time it will an event you don’t want […]

Recordings guitars album n°3 started

Well, we are back at Klangschmiede Studio E with producer Markus Stock to track guitars and later this week also vocals for our third album. First day went smooth, and hopefully the result will be mindblowing^^

Post tour blues

…and so the tour ended… it has been fkn great! Thanks go out to Eye Of Solitude & Officium Triste, our partners in doom, as well as to Addam & My Silent Wake, The Human Condition, Pantheist, Andy/ DeathWave Entertainment, and Miguel of Doom Over Edinburgh, and last but not least: to our touring buddy […]

New band pics

So, we decided to make some new band pics while we were in the UK last March. All pictures prepared and edited by our own Kurt Blommé. The hand on the button was Phil’s, our one man road crew extraordinaire. Location: Arnos Vale Cemetery in Bristol. Here’s a link to Kurt’s facebook page: facebook.com/Kurt-Blommé-Photography

New website launched

As you can see we have a new website, thanks to the skills of Driga.be aka Dries of Belgian black metal band Saille (go check em if you didn’t before!). We sincerely hope you can find everything you want, and else, please ask 🙂

Upcoming Gigs

10-dec-2016 Lisbon (PT) RCA Club Under The Doom IV: Samael, Shape of Despair, Marche Funèbre, Ocerco info
27-jan-2017 Ostend (BE) OHK Marche Funèbre, Faal, Loose Lisence, +1 info
28-jan-2017 London (UK) Nambucca Pantheïst, Eye of Solitude, Faal, Marche Funèbre info
18-feb-2017 Elewijt (BE) In Den Prins Kleudde fest: Ancient Rites, Marche Funèbre, Marginal, Bloodrocuted, Amörtisseur, Self Inflicted, Opium Heathen info
25-feb-2017 Gorinchem (NL) Stichting PoGo Doom over Gorinchem: Officium Triste, Eye of Solitude, Funeralium, Marche Funèbre, Façade, Décembre Noir, Beyond Our Ruins, Uur, … info
18-mar-2017 Wilrijk (BE) JC Vizit Catacombfest Resurrection: Moker, Bütcher, Fleshcarved, Serial Butcher, Caldera, Marche Funèbre, Walls, Age of Torment, State of the Pigs, Dead End Path, Throatsnapper, … info
25-mar-2017 Antwerp (BE) Het Bos Darken The Moon VII: Primordial, Marche Funèbre, Nailed To Obscurity, A Thousand Sufferings, … info



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To Drown (2011)

1. Into Deadly Marshes [2:22]
2. Valley of Tears [9:59]
3. The Well that Drowns Me [11:57]
4. Regiment of the Hopeless [5:04]
5. Of Dreams and Vanity [6:35]
6. The Dark Corner [10:04]
7. Lethe [18:22]

More info

Other releases

Norizon (EP – 2009)

1. The March [3:29]
2. The Silent Watcher [7:52]
3. Benighted [8:36]
4. On Wings of Azrael [9:34]

More info


Marche Funèbre is a doomed quintet, hailing from Belgium. From its inception in the last days of 2007 the band has been on a constant path of evolution. Starting out as a mere death doom metal band, as showcased on their debut EP ‘Norizon’ (2009), they have slowly evolved into an entity that can not be compared to any other band. Where ‘To Drown’ (2011, Shiver Records), the full length debut shows a band looking for their true sound, Marche Funèbre proved their potential with 2013’s ‘Roots of Grief’ (Shiver Records), an ambitious album that draws inspiration from epic doom, death, to funeral doom metal, as well as 19th century poetry, lost love, and philosophy.

Now the band returns with ‘Lost’, a fast-paced 7″ vinyl. This time with a top notch production, by the infamous Markus Stock, of Empyrium & The Vision Bleak fame. A full album will be recorded with him in 2016, this time the music will have yet another twist. Expect the unexpected…

The band showcased their talent on many stages, throughout Europe. They toured with Saturnus, Ahab, Mourning Beloveth, Isole and many other bands; next to that Marche Funèbre did festival shows from Austria to Portugal, alongside such bands as Aborted, Caliban, Forgotten Tomb, and countless others.

The March is coming … with the sound of DOOM.


More info


Arne Vandenhoeck – vocals
Peter Egberghs – lead guitars and vocals
Kurt Blommé – rhythm guitars
Boris Iolis– bass
Dennis Lefebvre – drums

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Since their first record ‘Norizon’, Marche Funèbre has always tried to integrate their (non-musical) inspiration into their music.
Herewith you will find more info about these additions to the band’s different works.

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Lost_cover cover060613 marche-funèbre---to-drown---front Norizon


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Official releases

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Lost_cover cover060613 marche-funèbre---to-drown---front Norizon



Hoodie, T-shirt & girlie ‘She Is The Universe’

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